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    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've last posted on this blog. I've been procrastinating and trying to get my life together lately. There's been many things going on in life for the past few years, that I don't have time to take on or do any of my planned projects that I was going to do earlier. As for the future of this blog, I think I'm just going to post reviews for drama's and other things I've taken interest in lately (*hint: c-novels*) instead of doing heavy projects (fan-sub/timing projects - etc.). So no more projects for timing videos of drama's and other stuff in the fan-sub department. Sorry to anyone who's been interested in having those projects finished. Another note, the videos I originally had for Butterfly Lovers were on my old computer and unfortunately I didn't have it backed up, so it's lost forever. I wanted to get this project done for a while now, but there was no mo…

Wishing everyone a great beginning of a new year! -_^

I hope everyone's been doing well. I had a huge meal yesterday to celebrate an early new year w/ relatives. Today I'm going to hangout w/ my family and watch movies (don't know yet what their planning to watch). ^-^ So how is everyone going to celebrate their new years? ;3


Episode 22 of HSDS Officially Released To Public... 

Please say your "Thank you's" before downloading, as everyone on the team worked hard to released every single episode. 

Size:552 MB

~Extra Information~ Video  Format: AVI
Video Codec: MPEG-4 Video (XVID)
Audio Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Video Quality: Medium


SoftSubs for

What are softsubs?
Softsubs is the translation of specific video.
To be able to watch softsubs, you have to have the RAW. The video that doesn't have subtitles.
MPC player and others can play softsub by downloading or installing the player.

Ep 1 - 4 -
Credits: GOESS

Ep 5 - 7 - will be updated later

Ep 8  -
Ep 9 -
Ep 10 -

Credits: Scandalous Team + Chris79200


Easier Way to AutoSegment.

NOTE: Tutorial is not done by me.
Credits to:binky@d-addicts.

This tutorial is very easy and has lots of details.  Easy to use and understandable.  I finally found out how to use it now. Yea, me!! =D

Click on this link to see the tutorial and details.

For more Info on this, go here:D-addicts, Binky Tutorial Detials

Preview of the Tutorial

Pla Boo Tong [ปลาบู่ทอง]

Title: ปลาบู่ทอง
Eng Title: Golden Fish | Gold Fish
A.K.A.: Pla Boo Tong | Pla Boo Thong | Bla Boo Tong
Broadcast network: Channel 7: Dida Production 
Genre: Drama | Folktale | Boran Lakorn | Romance
Year Rel.: 1993-1994
Episodes: 1-17
Popularity: top rated
Theme song: Pla Boo Thong--sung by Ord Opass(artist)
Achara Thongthep as Auy and Ai Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech as little Auy and Ai  Boy Blinya Poonsagoon as King Prommatut Streaming Links:YOUTUBE LINK Project Progress:

Basic Thai Vocabulary:
Nang ek - Female Lead / Lead ActressPra ek - Lead Male / Lead ActorBpaa  - Aunt / Elder sister of parentsYaai | Yai - Maternal GrandmaDtaa - Maternal GrandfatherMae | Maae - Mom / MotherPhaaw | Phaw - FatherSwaat Dee - HelloSwaat Dee Ka [Girl] Swaat Dee Krab [Guy]Dek - Child There are many ways to say Princess, Prince, Queen, & King.
Jao - proper way to greet a prince, princess, lord, or rulerJao Chai - PrinceJaoYing - PrincessJao Faa - Prince or Princess of the king and queenJao…

Introducing Me...

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║ ░░░ ║
Hey people! Here is a little bit of information about me. I love Asian drama's and I love doing new things.

Hobbies: dancing, timing/segmenting, uploading videos, working on projects, biking, watching movies/Asian dramas, listening to music, reading manhwa's/manga/manhua's, eating food

Fav. Asian Drama: Everything that appeals to me.

Gender: Female

Note: Soysuva is not my real name. It is just a username to hide my identity.